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Indigenous Portrait Project

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First and foremost I am grateful for meeting Jennifer Corriero owner of Taking it Global. I met Jennifer through Yellowsky and Joey Stylez. Joey had mentioned me to Jennifer as a local photographer. Jennifer was running a nationwide project for Canada called Wish 150. The Saskatoon exhibit was featured in The Paved Arts and featured artists of various mediums. The main feature of each exhibit was a mosaic pieced together by artists from Canada wide. This is where I first met Jennifer and learned about all the amazing things she has accomplished by helping others. I joined her for the Vancouver exhibit where I was given a platform to display my work. I watched as Jennifer did a graceful job of allowing Indigenous voices to speak up about their wish for the next 150 years in Canada. I was inspired by her and her story, as I am a natural helper to people as well. I was intrigued and have since had projects funded to support youth in various ways. Including my most recent endeavor the Art & Hip Hop Show. I was able to fund this project through their #RisingYouth initiative. The show is August 31st, 2018 I plan to hold the project annually through community support. 

Featured Participant:Helen Oro Featured Participant:Tala Tootoosis Featured Participant:Kealy Heeg Featured Participant:Lindsay Isbister Featured Participant:Emma Hassencahl Featured Participant:Tawahum Justin Peter Bige

I was able to have my blogging project funded by the  Samuel Connected North Youth Leadership Fund through Taking It Global. The goal was to take portraits and gather stories from Indigenous Peoples. I was thrilled and also challenged to complete the project. I was able to print large gallery prints through Rayacom and self-publish a short book through


Thank you to everyone involved in the process. I am honored to have shared your stories and I am grateful for the support I've received with the project. Yes, each of you asked me “what do you mean by Indigenous Integrity?” I am excited for the next phase of the project and I hope to see more people in the Indigenous Portrait Project. So, how do you practice Indigenous Integrity?


The questions that were asked were meant to raise healthy dialogue around indigenous identity and lateral violence. I wanted to share the realities of the modern indigenous world. We all face different journeys and we all have our individual purposes. Our families have all been affected differently by colonialism.


The project ended up taking me forever. I'd pick it up and put it down. I'd question the whole layout, I'd love it, then I hated it. Without getting too much in my nitpickiness. Please note this is somewhat of my baby this project. So I wanted it to be perfect. Nothing ever really can perfect, so I had to complete the book.


I learned things about myself by completing this. I observed myself procrastinating and fully understood why. I had also been pregnant and had a baby during the duration of the project. Regardless it was Nigit'stil from the Taking It Global team who was able to help me complete my project.

Indigenous StoriesBook CoverIndigenous Portrait Project Version 1.0







Samuel Connected North Youth Leadership FundSamuel Family FoundationThe Samuel Connected North Youth Leadership Fund is a collaborative partnership managed by TakingITGlobal and made possible through financial support from The Samuel Family Foundation.






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